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I expect the long slow death won't end this year. No doubt the medium is shrinking.

I'd quibble with the idea that "news is communicated in real time."

By that argument, any in-depth reporting or investigative piece (including stories posted online) is a history project. But we know that reporting that looks to the past often informs and influences our world (see, for example, the tax histories of certain cabinet appointees).

And as a side note, while infrequent, the printed or hand-written letter I receive in the mail usually has a much longer impact on my life than a similar e-mail.


McLuhan would say that newspapers are a pastime now. Pick up a newspaper and feel it as art.


You are soooo certain that newsprint is dead? What about those of us who want to learn something? Scanning the headlines on the Internet, no matter how fresh, is just that. Personally, if I want to sit down and digest news, it requires a precious commodity: time. And if I am going to spend my time to understand what is going on regarding a particular article, I choose to do that offline with a physical thing called a newspaper. And, I have to believe I am not alone. Google has submitted a patent for the ability to customize "your" newspaper online, which in turn is then printed and sent to your home or office. Newspapers will become more pricey, yes, but also perhaps even more customized. But, I don't think they will completely vanish anytime soon. Now, go back to hyper-actively scanning headlines!


the message forces the medium to change

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