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Hey Syvia,
Thanks for saving me the time & energy of going to SOMA for this. I agree, "woe is me" art and poetry just doesn't inspire me at all. Did you see the Gilbert & George exhibit at the DeYoung a few months back? The pop art was kinda cool, but can you imagine having that in your living space?
The references and imagery pertaining to pooh and young boys didn't do it for me. What was that all about anyway?
Hey, now did you see the movie "The Fall"?
That was an interesting story, beautifully filmed all over the world, and it transported you to a world of imagination.
That's my kind of entertainment!
DJ Starr

chicano art student

i accidently came across this blog when i found this most interesting post. i have seen the piece you mentioned with the two fridas, with what you termed two broken hearts due to diego's open infidelities. i was shocked by your interpretation. first of all, in 1937 frida kahlo had an affair with leo trotsky who was in exile from stalin's USSR and staying in frida and diego's home. frida painted "self-portrait for leo trotsky (between the curtains)" in the same year. while diego rivera is also known for his infidelities, frida is known for hers - with both men and women. in 1939 her and diego were divorced in part because of the affair. she was extremely hurt during this period and painted "the two fridas" after drinking heavily and having her health deteriorate significantly, causing circulatory problems. her divorce is evident in the painting from her cutting an artery from her heart at her vagina, and the arteries visibility highlights her circulation problems. but what is most obvious is the fact that each frida is dressed differently. on the right is frida dressed in the traditional indigenous dress of mexicans and on the left is the traditional dress of spanish women. mestizos who comprise the majority of people in mexico today are a mix of spanish and indigenous heritage. frida clearly highlights the way both are different yet unified parts that cause a somewhat schizophrenic identity. it is a brilliant piece of work that in no way woe's over her marital problems. furthermore her marriage was in no way conventional. her and diego each lived in separate, albeit connected houses and each had incredible careers and radical political beliefs. frida is not only a female mexican mestiza with german blood painter who lived with chronic pain and a disability but she was also queer, a feminist, very sexual, powerful, and a socialist. in 1940 she moved to SF where diego was painting a mural, married him again and recovered quickly from her alcohol-related health problems. if you can't read about her then at least watch the movie in which she is played by salma hayek.

she was known as a woman full of spirit who drew strength from her disability, creativity from her miscarriage, and energy from her resistance of patriarchy and racism. she was a really nuanced and revolutionary woman whose art is testament not of her "woe is me" art or self-destruction (she died fighting) but of her resilience and courage.


Well, I guess that 'bout sums it all up! It really is about the narrative, no?

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