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Don't dump your XP machine. Load Ubuntu on it and start kicking it around and find out what everyone is kvelling about.


You can donate your old computer to the Alameda County Computer Resources Center. They will fix it up and donate to a local school or non-profit. There's no fees; just drop it off at their place by the Eastshore Fwy & Jones St.



I love it when Linux people, no matter the flavor (Brian-Ubuntu), are the first responders. They're clueless. Linux is so behind the times, copycat, no innovation, I'm amazed that people like Brian even dare to utter Ubanto.
Thanks for the laugh Brian:-)


Sylvia, if you're serious about dumping the XP, Teacher Kate (my spouse) could use it in her classroom.

In other news, my siblings and I just bought my dad a brand spanking new iMac -- part of his convalescence from a fractured hip. It's a Wundermachine. His last computer still ran Windows 95. Ouch!

ann greenberg

Sylvia, darling, you need to get laid! :^) --Ann

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