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Shannon Clark


I too made a stop at the library (on Sunday as the tailend of the MeshWalk) and it is an amazing space.

In fact I'll be posting a blog post about a really unique part of the library in a little bit - on the 9th floor there is a special room for writers. It is a space which anyone who is writing a book (with a book contract or other proof of seriousness) or article can get access to for a 6 month period. It has great light, professional workspaces, and even private lockers to store materials in. All-in-all if I lived in Seattle I'd definitely use it while writing my book (and heck, I'm half tempted to move to Seattle when I do).

In terms of Gnomedex I've been thinking a lot about the overall experience. Professionally for me Gnomedex was a fantastic conference - lots of really useful connections, discussions and networking. However I felt that nearly everyone on stage this year - with only a few exceptions - was a let down. (I thought that Vanessa Fox did a good job, that Darren did a great job, and that Guy though rehashing a talk many had heard before set a high bar, the Ignite talks were very good, and a few of the others decent - but the first and last talks of the show were nearly absolute kooks).



Hey -- now I want to go up to Seattle to check this thing out Sounds wonderful.

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