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Adele Aldridge

Hi Sylvia,

Once again, thanks for your unique, open, honest and refreshing views on everything.

On the subject of anti-social, I recently installed Skype which I love. It was great fun being able to talk to my granddaughter in London for FREE via my computer. But ... sometimes I get total strangers calling me. For what? Why? Who cares! There must be many people with absolutely nothing to do. Well that isn't you!



Vera Bass

"Social networks take the fun out of connecting and they suck out the creativity, too."

They also seem to be growing increasingly confining. Facebook, for example, was adopted partly by an 'older' demographic who were turned off by MySpace on aesthetic grounds, yet allows for far less individual expression.

I am especially disappointed and even alarmed by the reduction in meaning and value of many words, including friend, trust, authority, etc. to mere marketing buzzwords. This cannot be a good thing. Should we not be striving to enable such things further with our new resources rather than capturing and stifling them?



[Twittering:] I just clicked on the comment link on your blog, and now I'm writing a comment. I hope you like it!


I agree! (yet I blog anyway)
My theory? The novelty has worn off.
Now we all know we are all connected.
What's next?

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