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I see creative enterprise in India very differently. Entreprenuerism in India is a very rare and courageous thing here – at least for the middle class and upward. (Those lower in the economic pecking order display an astonishing, if not always creative economic self-reliance and initiative, if only as a matter of survival.) It would hardly surprise me to find Indian entrepreneurs at a party in honor of tech founders thrown by Om Malik. But the shocking thing in India, given the enormous success of tech, is how few entrepreneurs there are, not how many.

I have just posted a more complete discussion of this interesting topic on my blog (http://www.memestream.org) in an essay entitled "The Auntie-Factor and the Myth of Indian Entrepreneurism."


Om Malik's project is called FoundRead -- foundread.com -- if anyone's looking for it on the Internets.

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