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Dave Winer

Hmmm. I like different things in a movie. The thing that makes The Departed great and award-worthy is the story and how it sucks you in and holds you and doesn't let you go until it's time for you to leave. There isn't one moment in the theater where you're not fully in the story, right from the very first note of the opening song to the last scene. When you leave the theater its a wholistic feeling, a story that really worked, acting that was true to the story, and to me, most importantly, a group of very talented and experienced craftsmen working together perfectly. The movies that move me do all this. The Departed is right up there with The Godfather, Casablanca, Goodfellas, Don Juan de Marco, Dr Strangelove. I didn't have to go four times to get the point, any more than you have to look at a painting four times. But every time you look you might see something new.

Sylvia Paull

. The Departed is right up there with The Godfather, Casablanca, Goodfellas, Don Juan de Marco, Dr Strangelove

I couldn't watch Casablanca, and i hated all the killing in Godfather (covered my eyes everytime there was violence). I wouldn't even see Goodfellas because of the killing. What does all the violence prove, or is it just as you say, a good story?

Paul Andrews

The Oscars are just plain silly. Dr. Strangelove was in 1964 and everyone knows what it was about. I was listening to hallway conversations today where people were trying to remember what The Departed was about. Dr. Strangelove won NO Oscars, losing best picture to WTF? My Fair Lady. Zorba the Greek and Becket also lost best picture that year.

But we're really talking about two different things here; I'm with Dave on watching movies multiple times. The first time we saw Big Lebowski was in a crowded theater where we were the only people laughing. We thought something was wrong with us! (Most were expecting another Fargo.) Now there's a whole cult around Lebowski, which we've seen at least half a dozen times and can still watch.

Oscars have nothing to do with great movies. Within the first 20 minutes of The Departed I was telling Cecile the whole plot line, right down to Mark Wahlberg being the closer. (C'mon, who has cellphone service like THAT?) Only the great acting kept me going. I doubt I'll watch it again.

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