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Fred Davis

You're right about MacWorld Expo and Jay Leno... when Leno was making fun of the iPhone on his show he said it was announced at CES... MacWorld was thus relegated to invisibility.

Michael Buckbee

Even with streaming video, etc. there is a palpable sense of drama that having the "mac faithful" in a live audience gives the event.

The audience isn't there to be communicated to by Jobs, they're there to convey the emotional resonance of his announcements to the journalists in attendance.

Even in the things like Engadget's live blogging of the event there are asides describing the crowd reaction.

Michael Markman

A lot of folks (including me) have commented on how the Steve Jobs keynote sucked all the air out of CES. Thanks for reminding us that it also sucked all the air out of Macworld. I was in New York last week... and I don't think any news of anything other than Apple TV and iPhone got out of Mosocne.

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