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David Morgenstern

Hmmm ... While I agree with your thesis, Sylvia, I'd point out that Steve Jobs is a "young" man by today's baby-boomer standards. He was born in 1955, which may seem ancient to some but not to me.

Fidel on the other hand isn't "older." Being born on 3 August 1926, he counts as just plain ol' "old."

I hope for a complete healing for Mr. Jobs.

daviD m.

Susan Kitchens

Startling post (in the things that make you go hmmm kinda way), Sylvia. the Disney buys Cuba thing is on the mark, tho. At least with the scuttlebutt I hear from those who've visited.

Cuba is a destination where the tourist can see "the old ways" and the slowly dilapidated preservation of 1950s-era cars and culture. That squeamish paradox is there: Going and enjoying the quaint/exotic while the people who are there live in conditions that range from tough to squalor, and then coming back and raving about how it's a visit to some other time. What do you say to the person in 2006 for whom that is home? life? surroundings? "Those quaint but impoverished conditions" as a tourist destination is ripe for the likes of Disney. (and compare the woman running for office in New Orleans who had a campaign photo in the French Quarter... only it was a Disney Imagineered French Quarter. Yikes.)

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