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> I propose a "Let's Be Kind to Geniuses" month
> so they don't become part of history, like
> women, blacks, and whatever other endangered
> species are commemorated by designated
> national months.

Hrm. I don't know about you but I'm much more impressed by smart guys who manage to not ferks than I am of many so-called "geniuses".

Worst of all are those who may or may not be geniuses, but waste all sorts of precious time trying to get everyone to credit them as one.

Of course, as neither a genius nor a particularly smart guy, I could be wrong about all of this. :>


> manage to not ferks than I am of many
> so-called "geniuses"

...or, rather, "not be jerks".

Thus demonstrating my lack of smart-ness. Whoops! :>

Shannon Clark

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