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WOW, amazing how people can become robots (so fast).


Or, they could just work for a company they believe in. Probability alone would determine that such companies can exist. Not everyone one can work for the same company Dilbert does. It's a shame that we've become so jaded that we can't believe this is possible.

All that aside, why would it be in one's best interests to speak negatively of one's company (if they like the company or their job) since word-of-mouth is the strongest advertising, and every employee is indeed an ambassador... even if you're not the PR department, when you speak about a company you work for, people treat you as an authority upon this, and this influences outsiders' opinions, and thus customers. And happy customers lead to better rewards for employees.

If they employees believe in the company, and the company is good to them.

It would be nice to think that good companies exist, and may actually benefit all of us, customers and employees.

Eh, I've gone on much too long. Just thinking outloud.

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