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For me, the connection was: "If they're going to reinvent the User Group meeting, they're going to have to rediscover projection."

They were trying to scale from a format that worked for 1-2 dozen people to 5-10 times that, and failing. With the tiki torches out back, shadow puppetry might have been the most effective way to communicate advanced concepts; as it was, the poor lighting conditions made it difficult to do networking; I noticed a number of folks orbiting the edges, "looking for what they lost under the streetlight because the light's better there," to paraphrase that old saw, rather than diving in and having the social structures to get them connected and engaged with the "in crowd" of creators and VC's.

And, I gotta say: if you're gonna call it a BBQ, at least serve BBQ! And what's with the call for "young adults" to serve as bartenders - was this code for "eye candy"? I understand why having under-21 servers would cause trouble, but I'd venture this crowd of budding capitalists would be best served by actually hiring elders who could help them with their business plans between drinks: http://www.score.org/


P.S. Thanks again for the ride back, Sylvia - taking my bike on CalTrain would have taken quite a while longer. It was great to see Evan again, too.

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