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Mary M.

I wonder what other people think of this Wierdo?! IT'S probably easier to escape North Korea than dealing with this guy!! Apparently some have felt his other personality that he doesnt want people to kmow about... this Xabier Zapata, the owner has anger issues or just going through midlife crisis... It's just too bad that this bald guy has the nerve to do business with anyone. I was a former regular to this spot. Loved it that it was local and close to home. I just couldn't handle his Interesting way of working with his clients.

He is very UNPREDICTABLE in his attitude with me. Life is stressful enough without fearing for your safety when working out.

IAs all the reviews and comments are on his passion and and knowledge in fitness, his personality to work with people is just not ACCEPTABLE. He is not able to be a personable person, how can he be a personal trainer with an ANGRY and BIZARRE PERSONALITY

I strongly recommend avoiding Xabier Zapata, just as I do. BTW, his 5 star reviews are very vague and doesn't seem legitimate. All Reviews are by women. Where's the men's reviews for this place???

Others similarly have experienced the same circumstances from this guy.... Go look at his other 1 star reviews on YELP!...

Diana Gregory

Terrible Business Practices::

The owner of this business seems to have no regard for the neighborhood he has moved to. I personally spoke to Xabier Zapata and asked if he could please shut the door and turn down the noise (because of loud music) as the 84yr. old man (dementia patient) across the street was unable to sleep (8:30pm). And another resident, a graduate student, was trying to study. Several other families that live in the vicinity feel the same way.

NO. He was unwilling to turn the music down or close the door. He starts up at 6:30am. Hello..... This is a residential area. That means people LIVE HERE. Your gym is not making your neighbors across from your business very happy.

I know it is important to have music when you work out but come on. At least give some consideration to your neighbors across from your studio.

Any Compromise? He slammed the door to my face. Why is that so hard? This guy needs to get booted out of this town. He is making everyone who lives across the street miserable. I don't know why I waited this long to post a comment about his business.... People need to know his business practices in a residential neighborhood.

And after watching the makeover of the building and seeing long toxic fluorescent tubes (with mercury) left against the school yard fence (repeatedly) and talking to some people about the owner and then reading the yelp reviews, well I think maybe there is confusion about the definition of nice, charming and sense of community... We do not get a warm and fuzzy feeling. Nothing HAPPY about this place.

Right now we are listening to people shouting and the music beat goes on. LOUDLY....

Can't we all just get along? Please close your door. I have read the other 1 star reviews also. As one person said, he has issues with his attitude.

If he can see these reviews, why does he not comment and respond to these 1 star reviews.???

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