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Ryan Tate

I live in West Berkeley and have been thinking about investing in a bike from Rivendell (over in Walnut Creek) to cut what remains of my car use. By far the number one thing holding me back is concerns about theft, and more broadly that the Berkeley PD does not investigate bike thefts seriously (based on past experiences my wife had).

Since I mostly would cycle to the Y, I could use the new bike station, but it is really terrible to have my cycling limited to places where I could have my bike physically enclosed.

When I was a freshman at Cal, one of my roomates was a cyclist. He told me Berkeley was the "bike theft capital of the West Coast," based on per capita statistics. His security system involved an expensive high-end u-ring, some supplemental cables/chains, and endless paranoia.

That was in 1994.

Given how little has changed in the intervening 16 years, my faith in this city's ability to curb theft is basically zero.

Which is why I will probably continue to drive my car. Berkeley city officials say -- and have said endlessly for many years -- they want to end auto use and curb CO2 emissions, but it doesn't seem like they've had any impact on the bike theft situation. Maybe they'll spread more bike stations around town, but I'm not holding my breath.


So sorry to hear about the bike theft, Sylvia. I'll be interested to see what advances in bike locking are made.

And cannot wait to make it back to Last Friday Lunch one of these days, coming from the deeper East Bay!


There are advances in bike locking! It is called a bike tree and it is used in Europe. It's not the best video, but you can see it here:


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